Some of my favorite landscape images.

From the years 2016-2018, I’ve really been trying to improve my skills in photography. Before then I was a casual shooter trying to photograph everything I visited. But recently I’ve been trying to improve my landscape photograhy, trying to find and create the best landscape images my allowed me to.

Iceland (September 2018)

Ever since I started building my interest and skills in landscape photography I’ve always wanted to visit Iceland. The landscapes were so unique and dramatic, that I couldn’t wait for the chance to go. I finally got the chance after 2 years in the fall of September 2018, and I was seeing some of the most beautiful scenes on Earth.

On top of visiting Iceland for its unique landscapes, if I got the chance to view the Northern Lights; it would make a dream come true. As my luck would deliver on 2 of the 9 nights spent in Iceland, I had the opportunity to witness the illustrious magical lights in the Northern sky.

Death Valley + Arizona (Winter 2017)

During the Winter of 2017, I spent over a week spanning locations such as Death Valley, the Superstition Mountains, Sedona and Joshua Tree. I had such great conditions that I knew many of these images would become some of my favorite landscape images. In the above collection of images, you can really see how dramatic some of the mountains can be. Also the incredible display of light shows throughout the series of images.

Zion National Park (Spring 2017)

The Utah desert lands are a unique set of landscapes found in the USA. Many of the rocks and mountains are predominantly colored with a sandstone red hue. Nothing like the mountains you see in the East and West Coasts. Utah’s sandstone scenery offers great opportunities for landscapes.

All across the USA (2016)

Many times the sun and clouds don’t create the best conditions. Getting lucky has been a huge theme in my landscape photography. Here are some amazing conditions I’ve had the pleasure of photographing.

On my recent trip to Grand Teton National Park, the storm weather was coming and sunset had looked dreary and dark. But on one lucky morning I was able to capture this amazing scene under some immense storm clouds. Panorama taken with the 50mm prime.

Many times I have gone out on locations to shoot landscapes, and the clouds aren’t there in supporting the scenes. But I have built a niche for shooting landscapes under the blue hour combined with the stars. Many of the next few shots are double exposures, one during the dark blue hour and another maybe 40 minutes later when the stars pop out more.

Even after the light is gone. Shooting stars have become one of my favorite things to photograph. The colors in the Milky Way are on another level. I live in San Francisco and seeing the stars are a rarity. Being able to see the stars makes me so happy that I’ve had the experience to see the Milky Way with my own eyes.

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